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We would be grateful if you could complete the following survey so our PCN (Primary Care Network) can understand the needs of its patients..

- The PCN Team

1 of 13Are you registered at Launceston Or Tamar Valley?

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3 of 13What is your gender?

4 of 13Do you identify yourself as either of the following groups?

5 of 13What best describes your financial status?

6 of 13What best describes how often you visit the Practice to see any clinician.e.g Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic HCA?

7 of 13"Do you find it easy to make an appointment with your chosen clinician?"

8 of 13"Which clinicians are you able to access? (check all that apply)"

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9 of 13"Which clinicians would you like to access?(check all that apply)"

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10 of 13What would be your time and day preference to access these clinicans?

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11 of 13"How would you like to access these clinicians?(Check all that apply)"

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12 of 13"What Prevention Services are you interested in?"

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